How to double your Twitter followers & Twitter likes

Today, 75 percent of B2B companies and 65 percent of B2C companies are using Twitter for promotional reasons — meaning that Twitter outstrips YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat in terms of business appeal. How do you get more Twitter followers and Twitter likes from Twitter? It is a question that is being asked by many individuals every day. If you begin an account on this social media platform from scratch and you have no followers, no one will find what you’re sharing. There’s no magic trick to get more followers and likes on Twitter, but there are a few things you can try in order to get more Twitter-zens to follow and like you on Twitter. In this article we discuss a few tips that we often share to our clients.

Buy Twitter FOllowers

You may be inclined to take a shortcut and purchase Twitter followers when you’re willing to acquire followers and boost engagement. Done wrong, it’s a potentially harmful tactic, though, and might actually diminish your account engagement and ruin the reputation of your brand. These sites usually offers followers and likes for cheap as they only provide Twitter verification for you — followers that will never become true clients for your company. If you must buy Twitter followers, we recommend getting from AppSally, which from our Google research is one of the few websites that provide real Twitter followers and Twitter likes at a reasonable price.

Be A guru

The true fast route to be followed by a lot of individuals: be Barack Obama. Or Donald Trump. Or that’s Lebron James. What do such people have in prevalent? Yeah, fame. But they are designers, doers, and rulers as well. The creative deed is what distinguishes them. Povarchik came so far as to build a useful pyramid to show off on Twitter the hierarchy of grandeur. This pyramid can also be applied with a few tweaks to most other social networks (e.g. news on Twitter is higher than other networks). Did you hear variations on the “don’t call yourself a guide” motif? Zarella discovered that this was wrong. Self-professed gurus have 100 more Twitter followers and more engagements on median than a typical consumer of Twitter. So get out and do stunning stuff and be a niche guru. Then don’t be shy to state it in your profile to say it. Terms such as author, specialist, creator, and representative can be strong tools for your followers to grow.

Free Twitter Followers & Twitter Likes

There are many apps that enables you gain more Twitter followers by completing basic tasks and earning virtual currency. Once you have registered with these apps, the app invites you to follow certain Twitter accounts. The app awards virtual currency for every Twitter accounts that you follow. Then you can use these virtual currency to redeem free Twitter followers and free Twitter likes. Twidium’s twitter followers free is one such app. It’s essential to remember that you are actually breaking Twitter’s Terms and Services by using free Twitter followers, and that can get you into the danger being banned on Twitter.

Optimise Your Twitter Profile

These should be completed for your Twitter profile:

  • Handle – your twitter handle may not be the same as your real name on your Twitter account. State your identity so that customers can locate you effortlessly.
  • Photo – include your finest head image. It’s a good opportunity to show your portrait in the picture and it’s new. Use the logo of the brand if it is a business account.
  • Background Photo – use high quality free stock photo photos
  • Description – 160 character account outline to show whoever taps on your website. Depending on your goal, you can demonstrate your career or private aspect here.